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Smokin' Section is Pittsburgh's premier rock and soul band, bringing you all of the hits of your past since 1993.

Steve SeelGuitar, Vocals

Steeped in Jimi, Billy Gibbons, Carlos, jazz fusion, and Pete Townshend, Steve brings an original take to classic soul and rock.  And the dance never swung so hard.  The band’s driving push and harmonic base are Steve’s jumping off point for fiery, melodic solos.  Aggressive yet lyrical, or maybe aggressively lyrical.  However you see it, you gotta see it.  And hear it.


Rick GercakBass, Vocals

Swing low, sweet Fender Jazz bass . . .  Rick is the high priest of the low end.  The master of the bottom, Rick owns the pulse and shakes some booties.  His rhythmic bass playing recalls his youthful days in Puerto Rico.  Plus, Rick sold his soul at the crossroads for that god-like voice.  And he’s the luckiest guy in the band.


Matthew Kweder Drums, Vocals

Swing it, baby, swing it.  Cuz it don’t mean a thing . . .   Matthew rocks so hard, we have to hold him down.  The king of groove, he’s always rocking, always smiling.   And that damn voice on top of it all!  He moves like a butterfly and stings like a bee, that Matthew.


Terry DivelblissKeys and Trumpet

Brass and ivory in one solid dude.  Whether it’s screaming Motown horn charts, smoky Hammond B3, funky clavinet, or straight-up piano, Terry has it down.  The newest member, Terry brings a youthful spirit, stunning good looks, and a love for vintage Oldsmobiles.  Four on the floor, but Terry wants more!


Greg StegmanSax, Vocals

Stegie turns a sax into a hurricane.  A furious onslaught of blue notes and bent phrases.  Stegie is cut from the cloth of Clarence and the Motown and Stax legends.  His solos are things of beauty -- well-structured, lyrical, and soulful.  Stegie makes great jerky, and he really wants to play some Pink Floyd.    

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